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Youth mental health

is not just a phase

We are here to close the gap

We are a new global philanthropic foundation based in Geneva. 
Our clear objective is bridging the gap between the research phases and the implementations of new treatments in youth mental health. 

A world in which children grow up free from the suffering caused by mental health diseases. 

Our Vision

MindMatters seeks innovative ways of doing research by harnessing the cutting edge in technology, data science and neuroscience in order to generate fast and concrete breakthroughs in youth mental health diagnostic and treatment.

Our Mission

Through Partnership

Engage multidisciplinary partners across industry, patient care, and academia to work together towards a joint goal


Initiate, as well as fund, research projects that take an implementation-based approach
by engaging end-partners from the beginning of the research process

Disruptive & Daring

Facilitate open discussions among all stakeholders that promote free thinking

Our Approach

We now have the tools to transform the understanding and treatment of mental health diseases. This would be achieved by a multidisciplinary approach combining:


Recent developments in genomics and neuroscience have identified risk genes and new brain networks related to mental disorders. 


Breakthroughs in data science and artificial intelligence provide unprecedented opportunities to examine mental health using a new lens.


E-health can provide realistic and effective treatment options using new technologies, such as wearable devices, sensors and portable phones.

We have the right to win

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